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6 Cheapest places to travel

There are a lot of places on this planet undiscovered yet and unfolded to us. There are millions of underwater species discovered so far, but there are billions more yet to be determined by mankind. People always the cheapest places to travel to. In order to know the hidden wonders of the World, we must travel more. Think about traveling on a budget and planning a trip.

Us, we have developed ourselves over the flow of time have collected knowledge about things we never had before. Innovations and inventions have revolutionized the World. And all that we keep now is what we have discovered so far. Hence there is plenty more to know and to explore.

Why we travel?

Every person on earth is a traveler. Traveling is not explicitly associated with vacation or holidays. We rush every day to work, to find opportunities, and do so much more. Most people confuse it with their holidays or time off. Every place is unique in its beauty, culture, and algorithm. So everyone has their own story of their own reason to travel.

Traveling on a budget

But most of us travel to explore the World. Things we never knew before or see places we have never seen before. Some people are bound to move because of their work. Like for example, people from the aviation industry, i.e., pilots, airlines crew, etc. Some people travel for business regularly. Nevertheless, everyone on this planet travel for a reason, business, pleasure, recreation, or whatever. Going is fun, and everyone loves it. The cheapest places to travel or traveling on a budget is always our priority.

Cheapest places to travel

People always look for discounted flights, cheaper hotels, and the most economical food when they want to travel. But folks honestly speaking, “ traveling is not cheap.” Not at all. You can save a few bucks by watching thousands of travel videos or reading different travel blogs to look for tips and tricks. Believe you me, if you wish to travel cheap try to chose local destinations in your surroundings. Otherwise, stop counting your money while you visit and just dive into the World of adventure and fun. The cheapest places to travel or traveling on a budget is a traveler’s main focus.

Presumably cheapest travel destinations.


Yup, you heard me right. Existing as the gateway of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a perfect travel destination. If you wish to discover ancient history with intriguing architecture and gorgeous beaches. Turkey is the place for you if you love delightful cold weather. Istanbul is living in beauty.

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It has the most magnificent mosques in the World and incredible museums. Because it is one of the most traveled destinations. It offers plenty of Airlines which operate through this route. And thus you can find plenty of options and discounts when you look for flights. The transportation system is so advanced and improved that it makes your journey comfortable, and affordable. The cheapest places to travel or traveling on a budget is always a hot topic of discussion.

You can travel to several cities in Turkey on your own by bus or train or trams. And there are millions of things to do and numerous places to explore. Food is affordable, and most of all, shopping is easy and convenient.

The average expanse per day, including food and accommodation, is around 40 US dollars.

I do have some partner hotels and tour operators in this region if someone wishes to travel ask me for discounts.


Georgia is a beautiful country right in the middle of Turkey and Russia. Equipped with melodious mountain ranges to amazing cities. Georgia is a spectacular feel of eastern Europe with beautiful places to explore. 500 types of grapes are found in Georgia, and therefore, you have 500 varieties of wine or maybe more.

Cheapest places to travel | Traveling on a budget | Travel more

Georgia is one of the oldest wine manufacturers in this history of this region. If you are a wine lover, Georgia is where you should travel to. Tbilisi city and Kazbegi are the most famous. If you want to visit Europe on a low budget book your flights now to Georgia. Hotels are cheaper here, and so the food. If you like to eat cheese too, you must visit this place. They produce hundreds of types of cheese. And that with Russian salad and a pint of “ chacha” would blow your mind.

The average expanse per day, including an affordable hotel, food, and local transportation is 35 US dollars per day. And most of all do not forget they serve Beer at Mcdonalds.

Like Turkey, I do have some fantastic friends in Georgia who are tour operators and hotel owners. Contact me if you are heading that way.


Surprised? Well hold your breath and listen intently. Pakistan is mini Switzerland and is famous for its mountain ranges and fantastic fairy meadows. I have written many articles recently about the depth of its eternal beauty. It is situated in one of the prettiest landscapes on earth. Most of all, Pakistan attracts tourists for Ecotourism. There are many undiscovered areas in Pakistan, which are the center of attraction for many tourists around the World.

Lahore, Pakistan

The famed K2 is located in Pakistan, which is the second-highest peak in the World. Food is terrific in Pakistan and the most affordable of all. As compared with other famous travel destinations, Pakistan has a lot to offer for tourism and plenty to share with the World and a lot more to explore. If you are into rafting, trekking or hiking, Pakistan is the destination for you.

Pakistan is a country holding and preserving natural resources and ancient history in its depths. Ancient cities and beautiful mountainous areas with rich culture and traditions. Pakistan is a living paradise. The people of Pakistan are friendly and the most welcoming.

The average cost per day here with affordable accommodation and tastiest food is around 30 US dollars per day.


Gorgeous beaches, amazing places, and beautiful people. Srilanka has a lot to offer for many tourists around the World. For instance, I have traveled 7 times to Srilanka on various occasions and stayed more than a month sometimes.


Negambo is a spectacular destination if you love beachside stay. If you look at these beaches, you won’t believe you are at the beach in Hawaii or Srilanka. People from Europe, Australia, and Newzealand travel a lot at this place. In summer you would have all the white people in the world who come here to get tanned. Dutch era villas at Galle are quite famous as well as Yala National Park has the most number of leopards in the World. The 4th-century temple of the Tooth at Nuwara Eliya contains British colonial buildings with Kandy houses.

Spicy food, tea gardens of Candy, and beautiful elephants increase the beauty of this place. Srilankans are one of the most alcohol consumers in the World. Approximately 90 % of the people are drunk. And even a fisherman has either an Australian or french girlfriend. Local transport is cheap. Food is affordable too, but local restaurants usually cook in coconut oil, which for many is not easy to eat for long. So chose your restaurant wisely. You will see 80 % of the girls have their hair so long that they touch the ground quickly. It is one of those places we look for as the cheapest places to travel or traveling on a budget.

The average cost here per person with affordable hotels and food is around 30 US dollars per day.


Nepal is a beautiful country with a specialty of having the tallest mountain ranges and a lot of natural areas to discover. If you like paragliding, you can head towards Pokhra valley. Pashupatinath and Boudhanath temples are the most famous here. The stunning pottery square, the ancient city of Bhaktapur, is fascinating to visit. Nepal has plenty to offer including bars, pubs, and even casinos.


The average cost per day is around 3o US dollars, including accommodation, food, and local transport.


Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country carrying scenery spreads low-lying plains. The Mekong Delta, mountains with Gulf of Thailand coastline are famous for their beauty. Phnom Penh is the capital and is home to the art deco Central Market. Royal Palace, and the National Museum’s historical and archaeological displays. In the country’s northwest are the ruins of Angkor Wat, an extensive stone temple complex established during the Khmer Empire. Koh Rong Samloem is a tropical island that boasts of pristine. The tropical jungle of Cardamom mountains is a must-watch.

Cheapest places to travel | Traveling on a budget | Travel more

You can explore Cambodia per day at the cost of 25 US dollars per day with affordable accommodation and local food.

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