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Pakistan Landmarks

Pakistan Landmarks | Pakistan People | Places to see in Pakistan

Tourism is the fast-growing industry in the World. And tourism in Pakistan is an evolution in style, improving and advancing day by day. The gold and gems of Pakistan’s undiscovered areas are anticipating to be explored. Pakistan’s landmarks places to see in Pakistan and most of all Pakistan people are the main reason for tourism to grow. The melodies of the World’s most beautiful landscapes are busy making unique music and heartwarming tunes. Pakistan’s land is not lesser than any outstanding and fascinating destination on this planet.

Ecotourism in Pakistan is the subject remarkably in the discussion. So the future of tourism in Pakistan looks brighter and brilliant than ever. Everyone is considering all sectors of growth in the tourism industry. People of Pakistan are so thrilled to see the evolution of the Pakistan tourism Industry evolving in style. Pakistan tourism summit 2019 was a brilliant effort to encourage. And welcome the whole World to witness the inexplicable beauty of Pakistan. It has opened doors for writers, bloggers, vloggers, Youtubers and tourists.
There have been significant developments in the tourism industry in Pakistan. To revive and promote tourism, and the efforts must be appreciated and acclaimed.

Appointment of “Chairman of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation”

In the current turn of events, this is one of the excellent news that Prime Minister, Mr. Imran Khan has appointed Mr. Zulfi Bukhari, the chairman of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. The role not only significantly describes the gravity of the matter. That tourism in Pakistan is a necessity for the future goals of Pakistan. Therefore a lot is being presumed in the next few months from Mr. Zulfi Bukhari. As the chairman of Pakistan, Tourism Development Corporation to take bold steps to enhance the potential of Pakistan tourism industry. To kick start the tourism perspective, a lot more has to be arranged. And the initiatives of tourism growth must increase immensely soon. As in a way it would help Pakistan in high numbers to encourage its economy.

Pakistan post opens 40 rest houses for tourist across the country.

We must not forget Pakistan people in high numbers visit northern areas every year. People of all ages and backgrounds explore the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan. And describe it in their stories in their own words. It is a piece of fantastic news for domestic tourists specifically to receive this gift from Pakistan post to open its guest houses for tourists across the country. Pakistan landmarks places to see in Pakistan and most of all Pakistan people are the main reason for tourism to grow

Govt. working on to develop the Buddhist trail to promote religious tourism

Mr. Zulfi Bukhari the newly appointed chairman of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. And first aid to the Prime minister has announced recently that Govt is developing a Buddhist trail to explore various religious sites of Buddhism in Khyber Pakhtun khuwah and other areas of Pakistan to attract Buddhist people across the globe to visit Pakistan.
And furthermore, divine places of other religions, including Sikhism and Hinduism were also dispersed all over Pakistan. So the PTDC was planning to provide amenities there to invite their followers not only from across the country but also from abroad, he appended.
Such leads, he declared, would help interpret the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding religious tourism into a fact by showcasing non-Islamic heritage to the World. Because they would also project a soft pluralistic image of Pakistan internationally, he added.
The PTDC chairman stated despite lousy weather; he had arrived there to confer the Government’s sobriety concerning the welfare of minorities. In addition, it also displayed the Government’s engagement towards tourism promotion.

Future strategy to promote tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan has enormous resources and tremendous potential to host tourism. Ecotourism is one of the prominent scopes Pakistan has. Not only that Pakistan preserves the ancient history and old cities with untold tales to tell the World its beauty. The future approach for boosting tourism in Pakistan is the central focus today. Therefore there are so many things undergoing working on this procedure. A lot more on the dialogue table and much more to arrange in the future. In other words, it is a continuous process.
Similarly, hold and sustain the current projects. Moreover, innovate and design new prospects to help thrive in tourism in Pakistan. In conclusion, a robust strategy to address all the needs and ongoing issues with proper planning to host tourism in the future is the need of the day.

Spread the word, Pakistan is gorgeous.

With all the treasures and natural resources, natural beauty, and breathtaking views, Pakistan qualifies for the most magnificent place in the World. We must tell the World how pretty and awesome it is and invite the whole World to come and witness its eternal beauty. Enriched with glowing seasons and holding the most precious vital location, Pakistan is enormously beautiful. The World must acknowledge that the actual reality of Pakistan is mesmerizing and utterly attractive. The harmony of its unique beauty empowers its high potential for the growth of tourism. Pakistan landmarks places to see in Pakistan and most of all Pakistan people are the main reason for tourism to grow.

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