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Things to do in Tokyo

Sometimes the beautiful memories cherish your present with smiles and giggles you shared in the past. Opens the door to remember how incredible the moment was when you walked in that street. Or stopped at a mall for shopping or sat somewhere to eat. The things you enjoy, the people you spoke to, and the time you spend at a place you love so much. We love many things...

I love Japan

I love Japan

I Love Japan I love Japan and there are numerous reasons what is japan known for and what it is famous for. You will find the most generous people in this country. In love with Japan is my gratitude to one of the beautiful countries in the world. With many fantasies that a soul can carry, traveling is one of them. A visit to a unique paradise or tour of an unknown or...

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Why Japanese people?

Why Japan? – Well, of course, the best is that it is why. Sometimes people have strange questions but to answer them gently. You must answer them in a productive and creative manner. These days writers are not appreciated the way they were used to be. Perhaps the ideology behind explaining beautiful destinations has gone more commercial. And people just pick things...